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Effet de charge-espace Biomechanics Bayesian statistics Afterglow discharge X-ray Experimental results Highly charged ions Excited states Heavy ions Adsorption Dynamique structurelle 1220Fv EII Atomic and molecular structure and dynamics Energy low Atomic Physics Crystal spectrometer Bayesian evidence Atomic clusters X-rays Calorimetric low temperature detectors for X-rays Energy Exotic Atoms Electron impact ionisation Nucleon nucleon scattering Atom-molecule collisions Agrégats A Nielsen Bayesian methods X-ray spectroscopy model selection Exotic atoms Pi- mesic atom Bayesian methods Bent crystal Electron cyclotron resonance Cluster Orbital electron capture Gold 3130J Argon Fine structure Energy spectrum Deuterium mesic atom Perturbation theory chiral Excitation Storage ring Atom-surface impact X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy Breit interaction Collision dynamics Collisions ion-atome Giant magnetocaloric materials Beam-target heating Barbaresco Charged pion mass Energy loss Chanics · information · conditional probability · Young's slits · distributive Data analysis method Cost of transport Electron transport theory QED 3230Rj Keywords X-ray spectrometer Channeling Cluster analysis Pi beam F Mohammad-Djafari Coulomb Couches minces Decoherence Distributive property Effet magnétocalorique Spectrometer crystal Nested sampling Electron-cyclotron resonance ion source Electron capture Chauffage ultrarapide Electron backscattering Conditional probability 0785Nc Bayesian data analysis Buoyancy Atomic Spectroscopy X-ray spectroscopy 3610-k Energy deposition Breath-hold diving Charge exchange Bayesian Highly-charged ions Energy resolution Crystal rocking curve F F Trassinelli A Ion-atom collisions Atomic physics Double-crystal X-ray spectrometer Ion-solid interaction Dolphin FOS Physical sciences Diving reflex