, A was purified by CC with different mixtures of hexane/EtOAc yielding 157 fractions. The ones (36-40) eluted in the ratio 9:1 yielded lupeol (29.5 mg). From the fraction B, 90 fractions were obtained and stigmasterol (240 mg) was isolated from the fractions 30-40 eluted in the ratio 17:3. From the same fraction B, 5 mg of betulinic acid were isolated from the fractions 42-44 eluted with the mixture Hexane/EtOAc (4:1). EtOAc fraction (D) was further eluted with a mixture of CH 2 Cl 2 /MeOH with increasing polarity. 104 fractions was obtained and from the ones 20-36 eluted with the mixture CH 2 Cl 2 /MeOH (19:1), the 3-O-?-D-glucopyranoside of ?-sitosterol (11.0 mg) was isolated, EtOAc in order of increasing polarity and MeOH) yielding 5 fractions A-E

, Dark amorphous solid

, FT-IR: 3368, 1649, 1637, 1542, and 1468. 1 H-and 13 C-NMR: Table 1

. Esi-ms-ms, , p.624

, H 97 O 11 N -CH 3 OH-C 18 H 36 +Na] +

. Fab-ms,

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